Cowabunga Countdown - Favorite Romantic Relationship

Out of all the different ships within the TMNT fandom, my favorite has gotta be Apritello! These two have had a strong bond since the series began, and Donnie obviously cares for April a lot. The reason why I love them together so much is because of how well their personalities compliment each other. April is outgoing while Donnie is more shy, she is stubborn and he is flexible, both are sassy, and they’re both nerds!! It doesn’t get much better than that. Another factor is how their relationship started out as just being really good friends, and while the series continues to progress, their relationship is growing stronger.

They’ve had their cute moments, but what stood out to me the most is when April’s dad was mutated. Donnie was the most distraught and upset about her grudge with his family; he wouldn’t rest until he had found a cure and it had a big effect on the way he functioned in his daily life. I like to think that’s the reason why he’s so protective of her when they’re all in battle, because he has gone through a portion of time without her and wants to make sure it doesn’t happen again. April is too important to him.

I’m not sure if in the end their relationship will be canon or not, it’d be very cool if it is, but if it’s not…who cares? People can still ship them, I will still ship them fiercely, and more importantly, Rob Paulsen will still ship them. As long as they are still great friends, I’m happy with whatever happens.

(via faith-in-fandoms)